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Today is 20 is a free a website to make life easier for Getty Images Contributors. We turn the ugly .TXT file from the Getty Images export data section into an attractive data with images, charts, stats and much more.

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Why todayis20?

Email warning when sales are published

Don't press F5 each 10 seconds between the 18th and the 21th (or 22th, or 23th, or...) of each month! Just wait the email from todayis20.

Thumnails and stats

We turn the ugly .TXT file into an attractive data with images, charts, stats and much more. You will see thubnails of your sales, charts by collections, maps of costumers and much more!

No password required

We don't need your ESP / Getty / iStock credentials. Just we need your monthly royalty statements txt.

Historical statements

Compare and analyze your data across the time. You will get more stats than you expect from your whole Getty or iStock life!

100% free

The kindness of some Getty and iStock contributors through tips made todayis20 completely free.

Who we are?

Todayis20 was made 4 years ago for a couple of Getty Images' contributors and their 3 cats. In november 2016 joined the team a very [very] young member.

Some numbers about todayis20 community

Growing since 2013

What our new friends say about todayis20?

Hey- this todayis20 thing is brilliant- turns the txt file back into the old iStock style info.

– From the GettyImages Forum

Hello! Thank you for stats for iStock users! It's easy to read and understand! Great work!

– From our Facebook page

I got desperate and tried todayis20 and it reads the txt file perfectly. The website gives me a visual look over my sales. Thank god. [...] Seems like a life saver right now.[...]

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I love you guys ... love icon

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