Today is 20 is free a website to make life easier for Getty Images Contributors, like us and probably like you.

We turn the ugly .TXT file into an attractive data with images, charts, stats and much more.
We started making this site for us, but we are excited with the results and want to share with you all.

If you want we can keep improving this site together!


Gemma & Jere

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What's new?

Email warning when the statements are published!

It is not magic, just send a e-mail to all the community when the first contributor upload the next month’s .txt


  • Statistics with your every month’s sales
  • Most valuable pictures with total earnings
  • Best sellers with total sales
  • Google images search button
  • Statistics by collection
  • Statistics by costumers
  • Rich item page with statistics and all buyers
  • Working on computer and tablet devices
  • Add tags to your pictures to calculate the earnings of each session or subject.
  • Add comments to your pictures (where you found in the wild, etc)

Working on...

  • Facebook login
  • Mobile-Optimized Site